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With my professional knowledge and experience, I can guide you through the entire purchase process of your home which is the biggest purchase of your life.


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How it Works

I’ll walk you through the entire process

Consider Budget

To make one of the biggest purchases of your life you need to carefully analyze your financial situation.

Make sure you consider available down payment and your mortgage affordability when buying a home to avoid regretting taking on more than you should.

Consider Market

Discuss current market situation with professional realtor in order to understand the market trend.

Like all the markets, Real Estate market also goes up and down so if you have market knowledge it can help you make informed decision.

Searching Home

Based on your affordability and your choice I can search and show you the neighborhood’s best suitable options for you in the neighborhood where you like to live.

You are free to browse listings through my website here. MLS Search

Make an Offer

Hurray! Once you find your dream house, it is now time to make an offer. Realtors play a big role when it comes to making an offer.

A professional realtor with strong negotiation skills and market knowledge can get you the home at the best possible price.

Closing Process

This process can be stressful if the buying process is not planned properly. It requires a Lawyer to process all the legal paper works. There are some costs included in it like legal fees, etc.

Once it is done, CONGRATS! You are now ready to move in!

Mortgage Pre-approval

Mortgage Pre-approval can be very useful to know the estimate of your affordability and to know how much you can spend on your home.

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