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Consider Financials

You have to understand financials, including your current mortgage, capital gains tax, etc.

If you currently have an open mortgage then you may pay it off without penalties but in the case of a closed mortgage, you have to pay some penalties as per financial institution.

Consider Market

Discuss the current market situation with a professional realtor in order to understand the market trend.

Like all the markets, the Real Estate market also goes up and down so if you have market knowledge it can help you make an informed decision.

Hire an Agent

Choose a Real Estate agent very carefully because they will be your representative and you need someone who works for your best interest.

A professional real estate agent has to be properly trained and should have up-to-date knowledge.

Listing & Marketing

A professional realtor with strong market knowledge can list your house at the best possible value.

Marketing your house via Social media, MLS, and multiple media outlets is required to create great interest with Buyers.

Closing Process

It requires a Lawyer to process all the legal paper works. There are some costs included in it like legal fees, etc.

Once it is done, CONGRATS! Your house is officially sold, now you can pass your keys to the new owners.

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